Tantra guidelines

If you have scheduled a tantric massage or a 2-hour Tantra session with me, you will be asked to read over these guidelines before our scheduled appointment. May they be helpful and elucidating.

What is Tantra?

It is difficult and near impossible to pin down a precise definition of Tantra. Its origins date back to ancient Hindu ritual and doctrine and later to Buddhist practice as well. The dominant notion of Tantra has undergone a stark shift from the pre to post colonial era. This is to say that what most people view today as being Tantra, is in fact an inaccurate European interpretation and appropriation of ancient Hindu and Buddhist doctrine.

What do I think Tantra is?

As is the case with many spiritual practices, though lumped under the label of a religious doctrine (such as Hinduism or Buddhism) they ultimately remain unique to each person’s relationship to themselves, the world around them and the universe. In my practice of Tantra, I take my spiritual and meditative rituals and apply them to the intimate space shared between two individuals. Though inherently sensual and even sexual in its nature, my ultimate goal in Tantra is to engage the spirit.

What can I expect from a Tantric massage or a Tantra session with you?

Both my Tantra sessions and my Tantric massages incorporate massage, though the massage portion is not the focus of our time together. It is a means by which to soothe your cerebral cortex and to engage with your body and sensations. The dominant focus of our time is on the connection we will develop with one another. If it is just a relaxing massage you seek it would be best to schedule a sensual massage instead.

A deeper look:

If you are nervous or apprehensive, don’t be. I will guide you. Before all of my sessions we engage in friendly conversation. I’m very much a people person. However, once we  have moved on to the Tantra portion of our session, you will be asked to keep your words to a minimum. This is not because I don’t want to talk to you. Rather, I find that people may sometimes feel the need to speak in order to take up space or to alleviate nervousness or perceived social tension. This is not the purpose of our time together. You should feel no need to fill silence either in your head or outside of it. In the silence we will nurture our connection through a different type of conversation. However, silence is not a rule. If you are physically uncomfortable please say so, or if anything else feels relevant and you must share, that’s fine too. I only ask that you be thoughtful about your words. Consider how relevant something truly is, and if possible, store that thought away and share it with me when our session is over.

I, on the other hand, will be speaking in order to deliver instruction. My practice of Tantra incorporates something much like guided meditation, and so I will be giving you light instructions on breath, touch, perception and awareness.

Your role is not one of being in control. To facilitate our experience, I will take the lead.

A final note:

My sense of intuition is a strong one. I will gauge your comfort level and connectedness and adjust our session accordingly. Our first session may not incorporate all of what you have read above, but over time I hope to help you grow more present, comfortable and in-tune to your body and spirit and to the bodies and spirits of those around you.

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