About You

Who are you?


You are a respectful adult. You have read through my website and something about it has inspired you to contact me. I have piqued your interest and it is not by coincidence that you are seeking out me and my services. When I speak with you it will be clear that you are invested in fostering a connection with me, as I am invested in fostering a connection with you.

I find something admirable in everyone I choose to work with. What will I see in you? Will it be your pursuit of your spirituality or your heightened sensuality? Will it be your exploration of your sexuality? Will it be that you are open to new experiences and ideas? Will it be your craving for the full breadth of human connectivity? Will it be your personal practice of self-betterment? Or perhaps it will be your appreciation for cultural plurality and your reverence for the feminine.

I recognize the honest sincerity in every individual. People come to me struggling to let their inner or outer beauty shine or struggling to find the elements of themselves that make them unique. People come to me struggling to slow down or struggling to breath deeply. People come to me struggling to remember that some of the best things in life are the ones whose beauty lies in their simplicity. It is with great ease that I see the beauty in the world and the people around me. Your time with me is devoid of life’s daily struggles. I will find the beauty in you, and hope to make you see it too.

I take my work seriously, addressing each individual with concern, kindness, sincerity and affection. After we meet you will leave having made a new and meaningful connection.

I celebrate all ethnicities, backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and those who are differently abled. I do not discriminate toward anyone who is sincere and respectful.

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