What do you wear during your sessions?

For tantric massages I prefer to be topless with only light bottoms as to avoid massage oil stains. For BDSM / kink / fetish sessions I take outfit requests but otherwise wear some matching lingerie. For mutual pleasure, undress is the dress code.

What is your favorite kind of kink play?

As someone who is very open-minded and very much in-tune to her sensuality and sexuality, I feel excited to visit the unconventional. You may be surprised to find how experienced I am in this realm. I have taken part in and enjoy everything from: sensation play (pinwheel, etc.), to impact play (canes, riding crops, floggers, etc.), CBT, sharps play (needles, medical staples), sounding, consensual humiliation, forced bi, pegging / fisting / prostate stimulation, golden showers, foot worship, nipple torture, electrical play (violet wand, tens unit), and fantasy role play. I am open-minded and ready to work with your fantasies and fetishes!

I feel such a connection to you, and I want to explore the potential depths of our bond through mutual pleasure. What’s the next step?

Make me aware of your interest! Once I know that this is of interest to you, you will need to await an invitation. When you are posed before me, my heart and mind is on nothing but you. Because I pour my heart into the individuals with whom I share my time and space, I am selective about who I choose to deepen my emotional and physical connections with. Please know that even though I cherish our time together, you may not be the one to whom I extend this invitation. This does not mean that I do not adore you, this simply means that for my reasons I have determined that the ways in which we are most compatible are through the bonds we have already established. It may be that these bonds are perfect as they are and don’t need to be disequilibreated. I have a strong intuition and am always inclined to do what feels best to me, and in doing so it ensures that we have an experience that is best for you as well.

Can I take you out to lunch/dinner/drinks?

If we have booked a session, and my schedule permits, I would be happy to have lunch/dinner/drinks as part of our session. Please add an additional $200 to our session tribute.

I’ve never seen you before, do I really have to pay a deposit?

Yes. All first time meet-ups/appointments require a deposit. If you are hesitant to do so, this says to me that you are not serious nor invested in our time together, and I will politely decline booking with you. After our first appointment, a deposit will never be necessary. 

Do you really leave your under arms and pubic hair unshaved?

Yes, though I do trim-up my pubic hair as my personal preference and I keep my legs waxed for the most part. I find when it comes to women having hair under their arms, people either love it or they hate it. For this reason I try to be as clear as possible about it.


Red in the evening or for the cold. Chilled white or rosé during the day or in the heat.


Dark only, never milk. Salted caramel, chili pepper, sea salt & almond – all good options.

Where are you from?

My features elucidate my Indian heritage, though I was born and raised in the US.

Should I / May I call you “Goddess” and/or “Mistress?”

I assume no title and so I encourage you to call me whatever you feel speaks the most truth to your experience with me. Either of those is fine, as is “Sonya.”

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